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Respite care

If you care for a family member, partner, child or friend, we can offer practical respite services in your home to allow you to take a break from your caring role. Our trained Carer Support workers can provide the following:

  • Personal Care - showering/bathing, dressing, feeding, getting in and out of bed etc
  • Medication - Carer Support Workers are trained to administer medication if required
  • Help with Shopping - we can provide transport to take you to the shops and help you back with your shopping
  • Help with Household Chores - we can help with housework, ironing and food preparation
  • Collection and Delivery of Prescriptions - we can pick up and deliver prescriptions to your home
  • Transport to Appointments/Clubs etc - we can escort you to hospital or social appointments, or any clubs or activities you wish to attend. All our staff are fully insured to use their own vehicles for these purposes
  • Emotional Support - our Carer Support Workers can provide a listening ear and link you to other support groups

In addition to the above, many of our Carers Support Workers are trained and insured to provide:

  • Palliative care and end of life support
  • Dementia care including social groups
  • Supporting adults with complex needs including challenging behaviour

If you need a break from your caring role, you may well be entitled to support funded by your local authority. We can advise you on how to access this support in your area so ring us here to find out more:

01492 542212