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Our services

Our services


"To have a weekly break is bliss, it is the only break I have"

"Your Support Workers are such loving, caring people who we all trust"

"You make an amazing difference, we are able to spend quality time with our other children"

"The opportunity to talk and form a friendship with the Crossroads staff is of immense benefit to my wife and to me"

"The girls who run the group are fabulous"

"It is a joy to attend your group, always very entertaining"

"I cannot praise this service enough ... the service is so beneficial to us all as a family"

"If my support worker did not come here, I would never leave home"

"Siblings need time out, trips are great for them to give them space away from their brothers"

"You make a great deal of difference to the quality of my life"

Please see our wide range of services which are home and community based. If you have any queries on how to access any of this support, please ring us on:

01492 542212

Please note that wherever possible the same Carer Support Workers visit the same families thereby providing stability and continuity to the service and minimising disruption to the lives of the carers and cared for.